home“Environmental scientists tell us that the ecological footprint of the earth now stands at 1.4 planets in order to generate the resources we need and to absorb our wastes. This means that it takes the earth a year and five months to regenerate what we use in a year (Global Footprint Network). With the increasing depletion of natural resources, potable water, clean air, ethnic languages, and plant and animal species, there needs to be a new equilibrium, a rebalancing of human affairs. We owe it to the generations that follow us to have the opportunity to live in a livable world—even as we approach 9 billion people. By renewing our understanding of the global commons, we have the framework for a new narrative. The renewal of this understanding is the work of The Anthroposphere Institute.”

Leo Burke, President
The Anthroposphere Institute



A qualified candidate is sought for the following position: Director of the Prior Unity Academy

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“Almost daily well-intentioned voices enjoin us to reorder priorities, create reforms, and initiate changes. However, in spite of passionate advocacy and good intentions, the status quo remains intact. It is time to consider change at a much more fundamental level – that examines the very core and basis of life…[and] midwife the emergence of a non-religious, non-sectarian, apolitical process, through which humankind addresses its requirements - while simultaneously taking the totality of earthkind into account in its decision-making.”

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